multilingual Social Media

Multilingual Social Media

Going global in social media is invaluable and it also allows you to connect and engage with a multilingual audience at the click of a button, in every corner of the world. It’s popular, available worldwide, and offers a phenomenal return on investment. Multilingual social media helps you meet your clients wherever in the world they are.

What are you missing because you’re not connecting in the right language?

Multilingual social media is an immediate communication channel and a tool to drive online activity and business development potential, wherever you are, whenever you want. It opens the door to new customer insight and gives you a sneak peak into the thoughts of your clients.
Talking to your customers in their language in ways that work for them will not only effectively promote products and solve challenges, but will really show that your company is doing its best to cater to your target audience, wherever they are.

Listen to what people are saying about you, in all your markets.

Multilingual Community

Multilingual Social Account

Multilingual Community Management

A challenge most companies face with social media is keeping their online presence up to date and keeping on top of comments and interactions with users. We can help you ensure that social media channels are well managed and any required community interactions dealt with within your brand guidelines. Because our network is flexible, we can do this according to need, expanding and contracting efforts as required. This can involve managing multilingual Facebook communities, tweeting on behalf of your brand, or engaging in customer conversations where required wherever they crop up.

When you need to reach global markets in over 200 languages, multilingual community management ensures that you can engage, interact and respond to your customers, no matter their country or language.

Multilingual Social Account Monitoring

Benchmark and track the performance of your multilingual social media accounts to identify which content is driving engagement and understand whether those conversations are positive or negative, who’s getting involved, and more. You can also track competitors, giving you a complete view of your evolving social landscape. Multilingual social media listening gives you key information that allows you to interact and react quickly and efficiently — in any language.

When you operate in markets around the world and with customers speaking a wide variety of languages, multilingual social media monitoring means that you can keep listening, no matter the country or language.

Expert Translators
We make sure your multilingual social media makes sense for your target market in over 200 languages, across the globe. Our expert translation teams are trained in your industry and subject matter.

SEO & SEM Professionals
Our certified search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine management (SEM) professionals will work so you can effectively engage with your clients in their language.

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