Local Food Bank Success Story


INGCO International provides translation and interpreting support to help Twin Cities-based food pantry engage with local community, offer resources, and fight hunger.

A local community-based organization believes no one should go hungry and that there is enough food produced in the United States to feed everyone. This charity focuses on helping people find their next meal and supporting sustainability for a healthier environment so people – and our food – can thrive.

Website Translation

  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
  • Oromo
  • Karen
  • Somali

Client’s Challenges

INGCO’s Solutions

Driving awareness of available services

We translated marketing materials (flyers and videos) into the languages that those in their community use every day, making it easier for them to understand what services are available and how to access them.

Educating those with food insecurity about nutrition

We translated educational materials so those who experience food insecurity can learn about food, nutrition, and healthy habits, increasing the likelihood that they would take advantage of available services.

Creating pathways to healthier communities

We created recipe cards in the languages used in the local community to equip people with ideas and instructions for preparing nutritious recipes using the food they receive at the charity.