Interested in working with INGCO International? Join us!

We are a global provider of translation and interpreting services in 200+ languages. We solve complex global language challenges and our specialty is localizing to create emotion. You won’t get computer-created translations at INGCO. We are real people that solve real problems and preserve the art of language through the attentive provision of translation and interpreting.

We pledge to:

  • Value the language of all people;
  • Be accountable;
  • Be open to new things;
  • Be proactive;
  • Have fun.

We are expanding our roster of Mayan linguists including:

  • Ixil
  • Papti (Jakalteko)
  • Nahuatl
  • Q\’anjob\’al (Kanjobal)


This is a freelance on-call position to provide much needed communication support.