Since 2006, we have worked with 1000’s of clients in a variety of sectors. From interpreting in corporate, school or non-profit settings to translating manuals, websites and legal documents, there is not shortage of multilingual projects we can’t work on.
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Medical Interpreting

Here’s how we helped Juan.

When he was in his early thirties, Juan’s life changed in an instant. He suffered a traumatic work injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. INGCO International received a call from Juan’s case manager with an urgent plea for a Spanish medical interpreter to meet her in the post-surgical unit of Juan’s local hospital as soon as possible. We answered the call and sent one of our highly trained medical interpreters right away.

Juan was beyond confused and not sure how he was going to manage his new life – so many things changed for him so suddenly.  He required an interpreter with him for most of his waking hours. The accident not only affected Juan’s physical abilities, but his cognitive and communication abilities as well. He wasn’t able to communicate in the limited English he had prior to the accident.

Our trained medical interpreter began a very long- term working relationship with Juan and his medical providers while always maintaining a professional approach to a very difficult situation. Years later, we continue to work with Juan and continue to watch his progress, growth and success.

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Global Marketing Services & SEO

Here’s how we helped Jordan.

Jordan is an international relations manager for a popular chain of restaurants. The business was booming in the U.S. and the U.K., and the next step was to expand into non-English-speaking countries. Together with the board of directors, the company decided to expand to Dubai. Jordan approached us with a question: How could they let people know about their new franchise? What should they take into account when planning a new marketing campaign?

We helped with:

  • SEO translation and localization of website copy
  • Distinctive keywords for the front- and back-end of the Arabic version of the website
  • SEO guidelines for Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Introducing the business to online directories, Google Maps, and mobile applications
  • SEO copywriting for sponsored articles in the best online food guides for Dubai

We focused on organic positioning, and also guided Jordan through a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Within the first three months of opening, the restaurant was booked two months in advance!

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Simultaneous Onsite Interpreting

Here’s how we helped Jack.

Jack reached out to INGCO International because he needed high-quality interpreting services in six languages, combined with technical training for his company’s global team rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The logistics of the rally were complicated – the event was to be held in a variety of venues including a convention center, their local manufacturing plant and a theater. We worked with the event planners and audio/visual teams to ensure the interpreter soundproof booths were set up in the convention center and all the headsets were organized to hand out to audience members. We also provided portable wireless units for the manufacturing plant and set up a live video feed into the green room for the interpreters during the events in the theater. All in all, the event was amazingly successful and Jack was beyond pleased – not just with the quality of the interpreters, but with the technical aspects as well.

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Global Marketing & Subtitling

Here’s how we helped Anna.

Anna runs a busy product research department at a Fortune 500 health product company. She was tasked with reaching out to Latino buyers in the United States to understand their emotional connection with the product she was working on – diapers. We helped Anna arrange a focus group and did outreach to attract potential consumers to the event to discuss the new product. We set up a video feed for the event so that we could produce a time-stamped transcription in Spanish, which we later translated into English. Finally, Anna produced a short video to relay her findings with actual clips from the focus group – complete with English subtitles of the event. Of course, their new product is a success!

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Global Packaging

Here’s how we helped Mel.

Mel contacted INGCO International to get professional advice about the design for her company’s new line of anti-aging cosmetics for the Italian market. She had prepared all the information about the product and had gathered some ideas from her creative agency and design center. Mel valued quality packaging and wanted to work with a company with international packaging experience. We helped her understand product and packaging norms and regulations for the Italian market, including the best colors and formats for product packaging. We also translated the label information into Italian. Not surprisingly, the product was well received in the Italian market, and Mel is now working to expand into other international markets.

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Non-Profit Interpreting

Here’s how we helped Lisa.

Lisa works at a non-profit agency that tirelessly serves her community’s limited English speakers. She is dedicated to the agency’s mission of serving all members of the community. Lisa’s organization received a grant to produce a video on fire safety in the home. While Lisa and her team were grateful for the grant, there simply wasn’t enough funding to produce the video in the necessary languages of English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong and Karen. Lisa’s team reached out to INGCO International with their dilemma. We partnered with the non-profit agency and their video production partner to create a cost-effective solution that met their needs without producing the entire video in five different languages. After the video was complete, we transcribed all of the text with time-stamping technology. We then worked with our multilingual translation team to translate and localize the copy. Our subtitling team applied the subtitles in the four additional languages and created separate files for each language. Lisa and her team were thrilled, and so were the grant providers. They succeeded in creating an important informational piece that serves the entire community while being cost conscious.

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