Global Growth Through Translation and Localization Services

March 4, 2015

Companies like the Mayo Clinic and the Mall of America know they need to increasingly focus on an international target market to continue to meet fiscal growth goals. Global growth is a valuable growth model for many organizations. Part of global growth must include developing a comprehensive international communications strategy to ensure that translated and localized content is accurate both linguistically and culturally. Translation is simply the first step in developing a multilingual communications plan and localization truly puts on the finishing touches that make communications make sense for the reader.Global growth through translation and localization services is a smart and effective way to focus on increasing market penetration across the world.

Global Growth Through Translation and Localization Services: The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for example, has a history of developing long-term and culturally appropriate relationships across the globe and seeks to bring patients to the clinic from across the world as part of their global growth strategy. They have seen great success with Middle Eastern patients and Spanish-speaking patients and the medical community as well as the city in general have adopted culturally sensitive support systems to provide for limited-English speaking patients. The Mayo Clinic is now leasing space to a Chinese company, MediSun, that will provide similar medical concierge services for Chinese patients receiving medical care at the Mayo Clinic. MediSun will bring patients to the Mayo Clinic for complex medical treatments and provide them with complete concierge service; transportation, interpreting services, help maneuvering the medical system and housing. Link to additional Mayo Clinic information.

Global Growth Through Translation and Localization Services: The Mall of America

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota also values and understands the international customer and devotes resources to ensuring that global shoppers feel welcome at the shopping mall and devote resources to ensuring global growth as a strategy for long-term success.. Chinese tourists are the world’s biggest spenders. More than 100 million Chinese are expected to travel abroad in 2015, spending well over $100 billion during their travels. The Mall of America actively solicits visitors, albeit it potential shoppers, to the mall that typically spend in greater amounts than a typical shopper from Minnesota, for example.

Global Growth Through Translation and Localization Services: Finding the Right Partner

INGCO International is proud to partner with several international companies to aid them in their quest to gain increased market presence from global customers. Developing a global growth strategy is essential for organizations looking to woo international customers and shoppers. Part of the global growth strategy must include plans for effective and professional translation and localization services. INGCO International firmly believes that successful global growth can be achieved through professional translation and localization services. We know we are the right partner for companies looking to achieve global growth through translation and localization services.


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