Karen Interpreter (Independent Contractor)

Karen Interpreter (Independent Contractor)
August 30, 2023

Karen Interpreter (Independent Contractor) 


INGCO International has grown successfully over the past 17 years, and we seek a skilled and professional Karen interpreter to join our team of independent contractors. As a Karen interpreter, you will facilitate effective communication between our organization and Karen-speaking LEPs. A self-starter and an accountable work ethic will serve well in this role.


Job Qualifications:

  • Native fluency in English and Karen
  • Knowledge of medical interpreting
  • A minimum of two years of interpreting experience is preferred.
  • Comply with the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) Code of Ethics
  • A minimum of 40 Hours of interpreter training is preferred.
  • Must be registered and active on the Minnesota Spoken Language Health Care Interpreter Roster
  • Commitment to complete 8 hours of industry Continuing Education Units yearly.
  • Ability to communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Must have US citizenship or possess a valid work permit.
  • Must pass a criminal background check before hiring.
  • Reliable transportation and/or high-speed internet


Benefits: Set your own schedule and availability

Job Type: Contract

Schedule: On-call

Language: Karen (Required)

Work Location: In-person and/or Remote


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