Website Translation: CMS Plugins for Multilingual Websites

October 30, 2017

The world is more connected today than ever, as well as more international. Most global companies have at least given thought to the many possibilities that could arise with providing their content in different languages. In fact, any business aspiring to sell its products and services to different cultural and linguistic backgrounds will need to take its content to the next multilingual level. Website translation is a key tool to engage a global audience and the development of CMS plugins for multilingual websites makes the translation process easier and more streamlined.

To successfully engage audiences, you should do it in their preferred language and a great place to start is by offering a multilingual website. We are going to highlight a few of the plugin tools that we offer for website translation projects for two of the more popular website CMS systems. These CMS plugins for multilingual websites aid the website translation process.


WordPress, often thought of as the leading content management systems (CMS), is behind 25% of all websites across the internet. The WordPress plugin we utilize is installed directly into your WordPress account so we can easily access all of your pages and posts for translation. The plugin allows us to automatically pull new pages and content for translation, and push them back into the WordPress site for review and publishing.



Drupal is lesser used than WordPress but still maintains a significant number of websites. Our Drupal plugin solution allows users with Drupal 8 and later to connect directly to our translation management system to automatically send pages and posts for translation. Upon completion, we export the translated content into the CMS either automatically or through a push solution.


To optimize business results with global audiences and gain market advantage, the choice of target languages is crucial and not always an easy or obvious decision. Once you have a language strategy in place, how you translate your content should be a major focus. At INGCO International we work with a variety of technology solutions to help guide our clients through this decision. CMS plugin’s can be a great solution for website translation projects. Let us know when you are ready to talk about your next project!