Don’t talk with your mouth full.

October 15, 2015

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” conjures up many memories of mom reminding us to mind our manners.

But what if your job required you to speak while eating?

One of our fabulous Spanish simultaneous interpreters had to do exactly that when assigned to interpret for the world famous chef, Ferran Adrià. It would be hard for anyone to resist gobbling up his molecular gastronomy deliciousness, but even language interpreters need to mind their manners, and try to talk between bites.

We’ll admit it: not all of our assignments include delicious food and famous folks, but sometimes, they do.

In fact, interpreters find themselves in any number of situations and we need to be ready to work upon arrival. This past weekend INGCO International had the honor and pleasure of working with world-famous chef Ferran Adrià. Adrià is the infamous Spanish chef that invented the dissassociative form of cooking that brought the world foams, spheres, and powders, and molecular gastronomy. He visited Minnesota to celebrate Ferran Adrià: Notes On Creativity, an exhibition of his drawings at the MIA (now called Mia).

Adrià’s visit included a talk with the great Spanish chef José Andrés and Minnesota’s infamous chef, Andrew Zimmern. He also participated in a tasting designed by a who’s-who of local Minnesota chefs and bartenders whose work has been inspired by molecular gastronomy, including: Tim McKee and Niki Francioli (La Belle Vie), Steven Brown (Tilia), Mike DeCamp (Monello), Steve Hesse (Libertine), Lenny Russo (Heartland), Russell Klein (Meritage), Erick Harcey (Victory 44), Isaac Becker (112 Eatery), Jim Christiansen and Jo Garrison (Heyday), Diane Yang (Spoon and Stable), Michelle Gayer (Salty Tart), and James Winberg, Mike Brown, Kale Thome, and Bob Gerken (Travail) with deliciously crafted cocktails from Bradstreet Crafthouse.

Simultaneous interpretation preparation for such an event is key to overall success. Our interpreters spend countless hours researching the speakers that will present, and the type of information that might be discussed. After all, not all interpreters are molecular gastronomy experts. When our interpreters work in highly visible assignments like live radio interviews or live on-stage interviews in front of hundreds of guests, nerves tend to run high. Preparation is essential to making sure that the messaging is 100% accurate for the entire audience. No matter the challenge, our professional interpreters are up for just about anything and thrive under pressure.

Whether interpreting for heads of State, community organizations, famous chefs, convicted felons in prison, or translating technical manuals, websites or legal contracts, or anything in between, INGCO International is honored to be your voice when you need communicate to the world. And we promise to heed mom’s advice: “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”