Minneapolis Interpreting Company 

Minneapolis, Minnesota Based Interpreting Company

Minneapolis, MN, has one of the highest concentrations of banks and financial companies in America. This vibrant global leader in innovation across different industries is home to many multinational organizations that need accurate, inclusive, and culture-sensitive interpreting services to serve international clients better.

If you’re a Minnesota-based firm, you have the best interpreting services to help you bridge the communication gap and speak to your customers in their own language — INGCO International.

Expert Interpreting Services Firm in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a trusted corporate interpreting service provider in the Twin Cities?

You are in the right place.

INGCO International is a Minneapolis, MN-based interpreting company with over 16 years of experience delivering meaning beyond words to businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry. Our team of ISO-certified interpreters is highly qualified to ensure your message is heard accurately, confidently, and appropriately by people of all cultures in their own languages.

Our Interpreting Solutions Include: 

  • Remote Interpreting
  • Hybrid interpreting solutions
  • In-person & live interpreting solutions
  • Over the phone interpreting solutions
  • On Demand interpreting solutions

When You Need to Speak to the World, We Help You Find Your Voice.

Based in Minneapolis, MN but serving the whole world, INGCO offers expert interpreting services with in-depth knowledge of cultural nuances and linguistic expertise to support your functions, conferences, events, and executives while traveling abroad.

Our interpreters and translators (WordologistsSM) speak over 200 languages with cultural integrity to effectively communicate your message to your target audiences while keeping your company’s brand and voice top-of-mind. Our interpreters are available to you 24/7, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll miss an important social or cultural cue that may cause embarrassment to yourself or your brand.

INGCO International, Reliable Interpreting Services Just Around Your Corner

INGCO understands having the human element builds trust and is imperative to any meeting. Therefore, if you’re based in Minnesota and need an interpreter for your lecture, multiple interpreters for your conference, or a solo interpreter for your executive, INGCO brings the right WordologistSM for the job.

Always humans, never bots

Our unique human-matchmaking system ensures we pair your organization with the right interpreter for the role, using the expertise and cultural insight developed over years of successfully solving language challenges.

Our interpreters bring knowledge of the language and a deep understanding of the cultures associated with it. They’re also subject-matter experts on the topic, providing unmatched accuracy and cultural fit for even the most difficult language challenges while ensuring your company meets all the needs and goals.

Looking For Professional Interpreting Services? Source Locally!

If you’re looking for global communication excellence, look no further than INGCO International’s Interpreting Services. We are a leading provider of global translation services, and we’re ready to help you speak to your target audiences – wherever they may be.