Ingrid Christensen MPA Keynote Speaker

Ingrid Christensen MPA Keynote Speaker
July 17, 2015

INGCO International President Ingrid Christensen was the featured keynote speaker at the 2015 Minnesota Paralegal Association’s Annual Conference

The Ethical Implications of Hiring the Wrong Translator


The right translator can make all the difference in convincing a jury of guilt or innocence. One misstep and all is lost. That’s why every paralegal needs to know the risks associated with choosing the wrong translator.
In this dynamic presentation, Ingrid demonstrated how a law firm can protect itself by avoiding pitfalls and knowing precisely what to watch out for, including translators who:

  • Engage in conversation with deponents during questioning
  • Socialize with deponents during trials
  • Slant testimony because of slight variations in language or word choice
  • Misrepresent you or a member of your team with faulty translations.

Through the hour-long presentation, Ingrid answered many questions and had a great time interacting with paralegals from across the state of Minnesota.


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