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October 20, 2016

What is an escort interpreter?

An escort interpreter is an interpreter who converts spoken language in one language into another language either simultaneously in “real time” or consecutively when the speaker pauses after completing one or two sentences.

The escort interpreter’s objective is to convey every element spoken by all parties as well as the tone and register, and intention and feeling, of the messages spoken between all people present.

Ready to book an escort interpreter?

Escort interpreters usually accompany client to events such as business fairs and cultural events, guided visits, factory visits, general tourism and tours and formal dinners, etc., where a language which the client does not speak is spoken. It’s most common for INGCO event interpreters to help companies with international business expansion and transactions when the communication has to be on point.

Escort interpreting is generally contracted by small groups or individuals. The advantage is that the contact between the client and the interpreter is more direct and close, which allows the interpreter to explain cultural details and give advice on how to behave in the right manner according to the situation. The escort interpreter is an important bridge between people that do now share a common language. As in other types of interpretation, it is very important that the interpreter knows in detail both the local and the client’s culture.

“INGCO arranged THE best interpreter for a last-minute business trip to meet with our distributor in Mexico. The interpreter met me at my hotel and we drove together to the plant. She was very professional and made what could have been a really tough meeting very positive. I am so grateful to the INGCO team for helping me with this last minute request – they are the best!”

What To Look For In An Escort Interpreter

When hiring an escort interpreter, you want to be sure that your interpreter is an expert on the local language, culture and locations.

1. Language Expert

Knowing a language is one thing, but knowing the local idioms and dialects is another. When hiring an escort interpreter, make sure that he/she is not only bilingual, but also fully fluent in both languages. Ideally, you want an escort interpreter that was raised as a native speaker in both languages. But being bilingual is just step one.

2. Industry Expert

It is essential that your escort interpreter get up to speed on your industry as quickly as possible. Interpreters are really great at their jobs and have the special skills necessary to become industry experts in a very quick time period. The escort interpreters at INGCO prepare before their assignments so they understand the goals and agenda of the meetings, what is going to be discussed and who will be present. They also prepare lists of vocabulary and other pertinent information that prepares them for success.

3. Cultural Expert

Beyond language, there are also an abundance of locally understood nuances that go into any culture. You will need an escort interpreter that is well versed in both your and the target’s culture. A good escort interpreter has had in-depth experience living in both cultures and can interpret cultural differences back and forth seamlessly to avoid any cultural confusion. In this role, INGCO’s escort interpreters can give advice and help clients navigate cultural divides to save face or the embarrassment that can come from cultural misunderstandings.

4. Location Expert

It should go without saying that when hiring an escort interpreter, you want one who knows in detail the area you are traveling to. INGCO’s escort interpreters can not only get you from the airport to your hotel and the scheduled meeting, but also can recommend various places to eat and even give you background information on the location along the way.

5. The Icing of the Cake: Personality, Professionalism & Trust

You typically have a lot of contact and close interactions when using an escort interpreter. It is important to look for an escort interpreter that is friendly, personable and that you trust, since you will be depending on them to be your mouthpiece as you travel. You will also want an escort interpreter who maintains professionalism throughout the interactions. At INGCO, we screen and interview all of our escort interpreters to ensure that they are the best fit for your needs.

Escort interpreters can help make your international trip a success by giving you the confidence and self-sufficiency to navigate any location for business. We are excited to hear about your upcoming travel plans and hope that our escort interpreting team can support you where ever your travels take you both within the United States and abroad.

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