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We are the most experienced event interpreters across the globe:

  • Over 10,000 Professionally Trained Event Interpreters
  • 200 Languages Represented
  • Full Scale Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • ISO-Certified Soundproof Booths

Event Interpreting Key to Successful Multilingual Events

Multilingual events can be daunting. Event interpreting requires you to plan ahead to make sure that all participants can speak freely in the language of their choice. Event interpreters add value to your event and are key to international conference success when people from different cultures and languages come together for global events.

Event Interpreting Across the Globe

Event interpreters bring audiences from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages together and allow them to communicate with each other by conveying messages and ideas into other languages. Most events rely on audio visual (A/V) electronic interpreting equipment and ISO-certified interpreting booths for the highest quality and reliability of the interpreting services during your event.

Event Interpreting for Spoken Communication

Event interpreters render messages from one language into another, naturally and fluently. They speak in the first person and adopt the tone and conviction of the original speaker. Which languages do your event attendees speak? Which languages do the presenters speak? It is important to plan in advance for appropriate event interpreting services.

INGCO International is the largest and most experienced event interpretation provider in the US.

Pairing the best interpreters with state-of-the-art interpretation equipment, across the globe.

With so many moving parts…this was by far our best conference with interpreters.

  • 3000 Invites: We translated the invites, website and registration material to communicate with event attendees in five languages.
  • 5 Languages: All information was translated and interpreted into five different languages, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.
  • 10 Interpreters: Two-interpreter teams per language worked diligently throughout the entire event to ensure accurate language access for all attendees.

Our international attendees were beyond impressed. We will definitely use INGCO International again.

Director of Events

INGCO International is happy to provide you with expert
event interpreting wherever your event takes us!

200+ Languages

When you need a simultaneous conference interpreter in Mexico for your organization’s incentive trip, a liaison interpreter for a sales opportunity in North Dakota or a team of interpreters speaking 15 different languages for your international conference, INGCO International has the perfect linguist for you.

Global Reach

When you need professional simultaneous interpreters for your next global training, international conference or rally, INGCO International will provide you the highest-level linguists across the globe. No distance is too far for our extensive network of trained event and conference interpreters.

Equipment Rental

When you need to set up simultaneous interpreting services, INGCO International will provide you with complete equipment rental – worldwide. We provide a wide variety of interpreter booths, wireless headsets, receivers and more to ensure capability with your existing audio visual equipment. No group is too big.

Turn-Key Solution

When you are in need of a complete turn-key solution for your next international conference or simultaneous interpretation, INGCO International will provide you with dedicated technical support and in-person project management. Our team has traveled the globe providing excellent interpretation services for countless clients.

Here’s how we helped Lorrie!

Lorrie is a busy event planner for Fortune 500 clients and contacted us for a 2-week, multi-city roadshow event for her client to visit multiple agricultural facilities across the United States. To add another layer of detail, Lorrie was making arrangements for 4 different groups from 4 different countries, requiring 4 different event interpreting teams. Our interpreters prepared in advance of the roadshow event by studying vocabulary, presentations and speaker biographies. Each language was assigned a interpreter lead to coordinate the distribution of portable interpreting equipment to the attendees. The teams traveled to several different city by plane, train and automobile, with a few buses in between, interpreting at a variety of events. Lorrie was incredibly happy with the work of our event interpreting team and given the level of complexity with terminology and event details, the in-language attendees were absolutely impressed with

Are you our Lorrie?.

In the last 15 years, we’ve learned a thing (or three) about event interpreting.

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