Subtitling: General Guidelines

INGCO International’s Subtitling Guidelines

Professional subtitling services, like most language services, adheres to a set of guidelines. These rules help take the guesswork out of the subtitling process and ensure consistency across the trade.
However, remembering all of these guidelines isn’t easy – especially if you’re new to the trade or out of practice. If this sounds like you, fear not! Our team of WordologistsSM has you covered in our Subtitling: General Guidelines.

Please Note: This guide is for general subtitling guidelines and best practices. There are cases where more specialized guidance is needed (ex: professional use vs. media use). Get in touch with our specialists today with any questions..

From general guidelines to more technical considerations, INGCO International’s Subtitling Guide covers the guidelines and best practices for:

  1. Subtitling structure and timing
  2. Font formatting and character limits
  3. Punctuation, numbers and the use of brackets and special characters
  4. Accuracy and sentence shortening
  5. Duration guidelines for varying subtitle lengths
  6. Leading-in and lagging-out times
  7. Presenting dynamic text such as overlays, add-ons and cumulative text
  8. Adjusting for camera takes and cutes
  9. Syntactic structures
  10. Culture-specific linguistic elements

Download INGCO International’s full Subtitling Guideline document here.

Interested in partnering with a language service professional for your next subtitling project? Get in touch with INGCO International’s team of WordologistsSM today!