Global Food Company Success Story


INGCO’s comprehensive suite of services helps global food company win with employees

As a result of our solution, the company saw significant improvements in communication effectiveness & employee engagement, including:

  • Increased employee retention. People were feeling more included because they could better understand company communications.
  • Increased team health. Employees had greater access to information through ongoing, consistent communications.
  • Increased division productivity. Teams were more aligned on business goals after receiving updates and communications in their preferred language.

Client’s Challenges

INGCO’s Solutions

A privately held global food company approached INGCO International to improve how they communicate with global employees – from delivering more consistent, timely communications to solving fundamental interpreting and technology challenges.

The company already had an established relationship with a translation partner, but there were still significant barriers to effectively reaching employees on a global scale. They needed a strategic partner who could deliver a full suite of tools: translation, interpreting, and technology expertise.

The team leading these efforts reached out to us and requested a proposal. We met with the team to understand their pain points and barriers to date, as well as key demographic details needed to develop a comprehensive plan.
From there, we developed a solution and strategy that met all their needs: technology-enabled multilingual interpreting support.