Community Interpreting

We work with community-based organizations that need to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

We support schools, social service organizations, health care facilities and non-profits that need to communicate with limited-English speaking individuals.

Our certified community interpreters are guaranteed to meet the needs of community organizations.

Remote Interpreting Solutions

Technology, platforms, support, and interpreters for community events and meetings.

Hybrid Interpreting Solutions

Hybrid solutions for a mix between virtual and in-person community meetings.

In-Person Interpreting Solutions

Live spoken language and sign language interpreters for in-person events and meetings.

Over the Phone Interpreting Solutions

Over the phone interpreters for last minute and urgent needs in over 200 languages.

We work with partners in:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Social Services
  • Police and Armed Services
  • Government Sectors
  • Non-profit organizations