Localization services work with more than words and concepts, but also with ideas and emotions that beg to be freed from the straitjacket of literal translation.
Translation is a little bit of magic mixed with a little bit of science… resulting in perfectly crafted messages that are actually understood!

The difference between translation and localization is creativity. You can localize your idioms, puns, pop-culture references, geographic humor, nationalistic pride, and all the emotional language associated with a given language. Language localization ensures that your content is spot on for your target market.

This is our task. We will research the target market you plan to enter and connect you to them with our localization expertise. Our teams of localization specialists are the best in their profession and know your target market inside out. If it is totally new for you, get in touch for a free localization evaluation to measure your globalization efforts.

We will provide you with valuable insights for your target market in the form of a full localization package. As a general rule, we provide three different language localization options and test them with expert native speakers in your target market.