Fact or Fiction Friday!

Fact or Fiction Friday!
January 30, 2015

It’s another Fact or Fiction Friday here at INGCO International! Today’s question is: There are 5 ways to spell the ‘o’ sound in French. Fact? or Fiction? Click our blog to find out if you answered correctly!


There are 5 ways to spell the ‘o’ sound in French… Fact? or Fiction? The answer is…


INGCO International


If you answered Fact, you were wrong! Remarkably, there are more than 5 ways to spell the ‘o’ sound in French. There are actually 13!


The 13 ways to spell the /o/ sound in French are:

1) o
2) ot
3) ots
4) os
5) ocs
6) au
7) aux
8) aud
9) auds
10) eau
11) eaux
12) ho
13)  ö


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