Do you need to add a bilingual staff member to your team?

Language proficiency screenings test how well a person can use a language to communicate in real life, potentially on the job.

INGCO International creates language proficiency exams according to your company’s specific needs.

Are you a construction company? Medical device manufacturer? Other? The questions we formulate for your potential bilingual candidate are based on scenarios and conversations that will actually apply to your industry’s needs, giving you an accurate idea of how well an individual is able to communicate in the target language you are looking for.

What is a language proficiency screening?

There are many levels of “bilingualism.” To properly assess a candidate we need to know what type of “bilingual” skills you need; written? spoken? comprehension? analytical?  INGCO International offers a number of options for assessing (interpersonal) speaking and (presentational) writing skills. Language proficiency screenings are created based on your needs and adjusted for your specific goals.   A written language proficiency exam can be administered to measure whether an individual can read and write proficiently in the target language. These exams are carefully constructed assessments with four to five requests for written responses dealing with practical, social, and/or professional topics that are encountered in informal and formal contexts. This exam is designed to test a persons writing proficiency tests measure how well a person spontaneously writes in a language (without access to revisions and/or editing tools).   An oral exam, or oral language proficiency interview, can be administered to measure interpersonal communication (speaking). This exam is a live 20-30 minute conversation taking place over the phone between a trained ‘tester’ and the candidate.  This is a valid and reliable test that measures how well a person speaks a language. The questions asked in this interview vary depending upon the industry of the company and why that company needs the particular bilingual position filled.

INGCO's Language Proficiency Screening Process

  1. We discover your needs: What type of industry are you in? What do you need the bilingual individual to do?
  2. We get to know your company: What does your company do? Why do you need this particular bilingual position filled?
  3. We cater to you: After we get to know you, we are able to “skew” our language proficiency questions to cover your needs and assess the candidate based on your language requirements.
  4. We help you decide what “bilingual skills” your company needs: Together we decide what “bilingual” skills to assess. Would we want to test written abilities? Spoken? Comprehension? Analytical? There are many levels of “bilingualism,”and we work with you to create a proficiency exam that guarantees results that you need.
  5. We build the language proficiency screening exam based on our findings so you get the right person with the right language skills.



Language Proficiency Exams Are Important

Language proficiency exams guarantee that you are hiring the right candidate for your open position. We listen to your requirements and create an exam that matches the skills that you are looking for.

In the last 15 years, we've learned a thing (or three) about language proficiency screenings.



We build teams of Wordologists – linguistic gurus – specific to your most challenging language projects. We call them Wordologists and like to think of them as super heroes. Our Wordologist teams comprise of up to 10 different language specialists working in tandem to create masterfully crafted messages.


The INGCO Way.

Our 10-step process, the INGCO Way, is so detail orientated that we even remember to dust the bottom of our furniture. Starting at project conception, our Wordologists think strategically about your message, and research how that message will be carried across the globe. We follow all 10 steps of the INGCO Way to a “T” and the results are translations that people can actually understand.


From A(leut) to Z(apotecco), We Speak Your Language.

From A to Z, we speak over 200 languages in any language pair – English to German, Icelandic to Spanish; you name it, we can help. Our Wordologists are ready to tackle your language project by following the INGCO Way.

Here’s how we helped Christine!

Christine is a Director of Human Resources at a Fortune 500 company. She had to hire a bilingual Spanish/English customer service agent for their busy call center. Christine knew that the candidate had an excellent work history and great references, but she needed to be sure that he also possessed excellent communication skills in Spanish – a language she did not speak. We listened to Christine’s concerns, reviewed the job description, and helped develop a language proficiency exam that would test that job candidate’s language skills. Christine was more than please with the process, and the candidates abilities, and offered him a job!

Are you our Christine?

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