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multi-lingual website testingOver 86% of visitors to the top 10 global website visitors are from outside the United States.

Website localization and translation are essential for global brands.

Multilingual website testing ensures that your website works in all of your languages.

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In the last 15 years, we've learned a thing (or three) about multilingual website testing.

What makes us diffrerent?



We build teams of Wordologists – linguistic gurus – specific to your most challenging multilingual website testing projects. We call them Wordologists and like to think of them as superheros. Our Wordologist teams comprise of up to 10 different language specialists working in tandem to create masterfully crafted messages.


The INGCO Way.

Our 10-step multilingual website testing process, the INGCO Way, is so detail orientated that we even remember to dust the bottom of our furniture. Starting at project conception, our Wordologists think strategically about your multilingual website, and research how it will be carried across the globe. We follow all 10 steps of the INGCO Way to a “T” and the results are websites that people can actually understand.


From A(leut) to Z(apotecco), We Speak Your Language.

From A to Z, we speak over 200 languages in any language pair – English to German, Icelandic to Spanish; you name it, we can help. Our Wordologistsare ready to tackle your multilingual website testing project by following the 10-step INGCO Way.

Did you know?

In 2014, over 86% of the Top Ten Global Website visitors were from outside the United States.


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